Digital Twin Construction Platform “Re:Earth”

Hidenori Watanave
Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies and Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
“Re:Earth” is a WebGIS platform that serves as the foundation for a “digital twin” that reproduces information from physical space in virtual space. The source code that forms the basis of the digital twin has been released as open-source software to enable its free use in a variety of fields.
【features of re:earth】
  1. Providing an easy-to-use environment for utilizing geospatial (physical space) data, which is becoming increasingly complex and large-scale.
  2. Realization of a general-purpose WebGIS for management, analysis, and visualization of geospatial data
  3. Expansion of functions through the development of plug-ins for various fields “Re:Earth” is developed using the latest Web technology, enabling users to easily access a full-fledged GIS environment from anywhere without the need for installation, which has been difficult to achieve with Web browsers. By making it open source, we plan to form a worldwide OSS community with engineers from all over the world, including developers of the main unit and plug-ins.
Re:Earth Editor Page
Watanave Lab.
Utilization of 3D City Model in Settsu City
Watanave Lab.

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