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Message for UTokyo staff: Raising the UTokyo Activity Restrictions Index Level to B

July 12, 2021

To all faculty and staff of the University of Tokyo:

The fourth state of emergency has been issued for Tokyo effective from July 12th. Currently, regular examinations for students have started at UTokyo, and the Olympic Games are about to begin. With the more contagious delta variant becoming the dominant strain, it is necessary for every member to act with the awareness of "we will not be infected" and "we will not spread” in order to not stop the activities of the university and to create a safe and secure campus.

Having recently established the "The 2021 University of Tokyo Activity Restrictions Index for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease" at the University of Tokyo, and even though the level was only changed to Level A on June 21, the level will once again be raised to Level B from July 12.

At Level B, we would like to ask everyone to cooperate with the following.

  1. Research activities may continue, but we ask that students, researchers, and research staff (laboratory personnel) stagger the times when they work on-site, as well as minimize their time on-campus while ensuring that they give maximum consideration to preventing the spread of infection. Where at all possible, you should consider minimizing contact with people, such as by working from home.

  2. Classes shall primarily be conducted online. However, for classes that are more educationally effective when conducted face-to-face, these will be conducted face-to-face (including combined use with online) after taking the utmost measures to prevent infection.

  3. As before (during Level A), some extracurricular activities will be permitted provided that maximum consideration is given to preventing the spread of infection.

  4. University meetings should be held online as much as possible, and face-to-face meetings should be kept to a minimum.

  5. As before (during Level A), in principle, only the gates with guards will be open, and you will be required to show a health care report to enter.

  6. As before (during Level A), administrative departments shall give the utmost consideration to prevent the spread of infection and carry out work by combining telecommuting and staggered commuting. Taking summer vacation is also encouraged.

  7. If you think you have become ill, take precautions such as staying at home, even if the symptoms are not those typical for the coronavirus infection. Supervisors are kindly requested to make sure that people who are in poor physical condition are able to take rest without unwanted concerns.

Your behavior is extremely important. Again, the main transmission route is saliva. During the state of emergency, avoid eating and drinking with non-family members, loud conversations, karaoke, and similar acts. Infection can also be caused by taking off masks and having a conversation during lunch or breaks. Please be sure to "hold conversations after eating silently or individually, avoid the 3Cs and wear a mask".

The campus is considered relatively safer than in the city. In order to further improve safety and steadily promote university activities, it is extremely important to restrict infection from asymptomatic or mildly infected persons. We have introduced a system for quantitative antigen testing at the UTokyo Health Service Center and have taken measures such as opening a PCR center in Kashiwa Campus. In addition, from July 8th, we started vaccination on campus. We are also participating in the monitoring tests for early detection of signs of the spread of infection by the government.

Even during Level B, medical care continues to be provided at the UTokyo Health Service Centers on Hongo, Komaba, and Kashiwa Campuses. They also accept telephone consultations, so if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact them.

July 12, 2021
OKUBO Tatsuya,
Executive Vice President
Head, UTokyo Coronavirus Task Force

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