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The University of Tokyo Open Access Policy

This document is a translation of the Japanese version. In the event that any question should arise about this version, the Japanese version is the authoritative version.

February 22, 2023
Resolution of the Board Members Council
1 The University of Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as "UTokyo") has the philosophy of contributing to the promotion of academic research and human development by opening our minds to the world and returning the results of our research to society, while creating research activities that respond to the demands of society at the same time. The University of Tokyo Open Access Policy is established as follows in order to widely disclose the research results produced by our research activities and to ensure interactive collaboration between UTokyo and society.

(Publication of research results)
2 UTokyo Researchers (hereinafter referred to as "Researchers") shall make their research outcomes published in journals issued by publishers, academic societies, faculties/graduate schools/research institutes of UTokyo, etc. accessible through the use of the UTokyo Repository or other methods of the Researcher's choice so that anyone can access them without barriers as much as possible. However, the copyright of the research outcomes shall not be transferred to UTokyo.

3 If the researcher or UTokyo determines that inappropriate conditions may arise from copyright or other reasons by making a research outcome open to all, it will not be released.

(Operation of the UTokyo Repository)
4 Matters related to the registration and publication of research outcomes in the UTokyo Repository are handled in accordance with the "Guidelines for the Operation of the UTokyo Repository".

5 In addition to this policy, matters necessary for open access will be determined through consultation among the parties concerned.
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