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UTokyo President’s Log

Ever since assuming the leadership of the University of Tokyo, I’ve wanted to share my thoughts and activities as president with members of the university, as well as the larger community outside our institution. With my research field being connected to the ocean, I’d always kept a log during my time conducting surveys and being out at sea. Now, having embarked on my journey as UTokyo’s skipper, I would like to share with all of you my record of this latest voyage, through the UTokyo President’s Log.

Teruo Fujii, 31st President of the University of Tokyo

April 2024

UTokyo PLog #2024-G-04

Date & Time: April 30, 2024 
Location: Hotel Marriott Santiago
Latitude/Longitude:  33°23'60.0"S / 70°34'27.4"W Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

I attended the inauguration ceremony of the University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory (TAO), held in Santiago, Chile, where I gave opening remarks. At an altitude of 5,640 meters, TAO, built by UTokyo’s Institute of Astronomy on the summit of Cerro Chajnantor in northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, is the highest astronomical observatory in the world.


We hope many great astronomical discoveries will be made at this observatory, completed through the support and cooperation of countless people in Chile, Japan and elsewhere.



UTokyo PLog #2024-G-03

Date & Time: April 30, 2024 
Locations: The University of Chile (33°26'40.2"S / 70°39'03.6"W) Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (33°26'28.0"S / 70°38'26.7"W) Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

Photo of meeting at the University of Chile in Santiago, with President Rosa Devés Alessandri (center right), Vice President of Academic Affairs Claudio Pastenes Villarreal (second from right) and Director of International Relations Alicia Noemí Salomone (far right). President Fujii (center left), Executive Vice President Kaori Hayashi (second from left) and Director General of Institute of Industrial Science Hiroshi Toshiyoshi (far left) attended from UTokyo.

I visited the University of Chile and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in the South American country’s capital, Santiago, where I met with the presidents and other executives of the two institutions. UTokyo has enjoyed ongoing, regular exchanges with the two universities since 2013, through the Chile-Japan academic forums spanning a wide range of academic fields, from medicine, the sciences and engineering, to the humanities and social sciences.


Photo of meeting at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago. From left are the university’s Vice President for Research Pedro Bouchon Aguirre and President Ignacio Sánchez Díaz, and UTokyo’s President Fujii and Executive Vice President Hayashi.

In our meetings on my current trip, we looked back on the course of our exchanges thus far and shared our views on further strengthening ties, including student exchanges.



UTokyo PLog #2024-E-02

Date & Time: April 17, 2024 
Location: Yasuda Auditorium, Hongo Campus
Latitude/Longitude:  35°42'48.3"N / 139°45'44.2"E Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

UTokyo and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corp. (NTT East) held a signing ceremony and joint press conference to mark the conclusion of the industry-academia collaboration between our two organizations.


UTokyo President Teruo Fujii (left) and NTT East President Naoki Shibutani

Centered on the concept of connecting communities for a new future, the partnership aims to build a next-generation digital network infrastructure and social entrepreneurship to support autonomous, decentralized regions toward the realization of a regional circular society.
We will draw on the combined knowledge and technology of the two parties to solve local issues and create value through hands-on work in the field.



UTokyo PLog #2024-UT-10

Date & Time: April 12, 2024 
Location: Go Global Center, Hongo Campus
Latitude/Longitude:  35°42'49.3"N / 139°45'49.4"E Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

We hosted Dame Louise Richardson, president of the philanthropic foundation Carnegie Corp. of New York, for a dialogue session with students on the Hongo Campus. The event followed her congratulatory message at the graduate matriculation ceremony, held at the Nippon Budokan arena earlier in the day. The dialogue covered a variety of topics, including gender diversity, internationalization of the university campus, reason and justification for studying the humantities, providing participants the opportunity for a stimulating discussion.


Dame Richardson also serves as a member of the UTokyo Global Navigation Board, an advisory council of international experts to the university executive. We exchanged opinions on diverse topics and toured the campus the previous day.



UTokyo PLog #2024-UT-09

Date & Time: April 4, 2024 
Location: Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences Building, Komaba Campus
Latitude/Longitude:  35°39'30.1"N / 139°41'12.1"E Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

I attended the inaugural conference of the French-Japanese Laboratory of Mathematics and its Interactions (FJ-LMI), a new international laboratory in the field of mathematics created by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and UTokyo’s Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences in 2023.


The lab serves as a hub for collaboration between the two institutions and aims to promote research exchanges and contribute to nurturing talent in the field of mathematics between France and Japan.



UTokyo PLog #2024-UT-08

Date & Time: April 1, 2024 
Location: Sanjo Conference Hall, Hongo Campus
Latitude/Longitude:  35°42'43.2"N / 139°45'45.5"E Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

The center will focus on conducting cutting-edge research related to diversity, equity and inclusion, while applying those outcomes to the support services it provides; unresolved issues identified in the field will then be fed back for further study. By creating this virtuous circle of research and support, IncluDE aims to help realize a more just society.



March 2024

UTokyo PLog #2024-UT-07

Date & Time: March 19, 2024 
Location: Koshiba Hall, Hongo Campus
Latitude/Longitude:  35°42'50.4"N / 139°45'47.4"E Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

We held the presentation ceremony of the University of Tokyo President’s Award for Students.

Inaugurated in the 2002-03 academic year, this award presented by the president has a two decades-long history recognizing individuals or groups who have attained outstanding academic achievement, demonstrated excellence in extracurricular activities or gained recognition in various social activities, thus serving as role models for other students and contributing to enhance the university’s reputation.


This year, 10 President’s Awards, including two President’s Grand Awards, were selected. We anticipate the recipients will continue to play active roles and wish them much success in their future endeavors.



UTokyo PLog #2024-UT-06

Date & Time: March 12, 2024 
Location: Yasuda Auditorium, Hongo Campus
Latitude/Longitude:  35°42'48.3"N / 139°45'44.2"E Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

We welcomed Mr. Rafael Mariano Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to our university. In the brief time we had for our meeting, we confirmed the current status of the IAEA and UTokyo, and discussed our stance on global issues, the IAEA’s education-related activities, among various other topics.



UTokyo PLog #2024-UT-05

Date & Time: March 9, 2024 
Location: Yasuda Auditorium, Hongo Campus
Latitude/Longitude:  35°42'48.3"N / 139°45'44.2"E Open in Google Maps別ウィンドウで開く

I attended the graduation ceremony of of the most recent class (Round 29) of the University of Tokyo Executive Management Program (UTokyo EMP).


I presented certificates to the 28 graduates of the program’s latest round. I trust they will draw on UTokyo EMP’s diverse knowledge and network of people, and go on to play increasingly active roles in their future endeavors.



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