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Visual Identity

Visual Identity

An internal study group led by UTokyo Executive Vice President Miki Iwamura was formed, and after many discussions in accordance with the University’s guidelines, the Visual Identity Guidelines were formulated in April 2024 in order to establish and publicize the visual identity (VI) of the University of Tokyo.

For the logo — the key element of the VI — it was deemed appropriate to use “UTokyo” as the symbol of a university open to the world. The use of kanji (Chinese characters) in the logo would limit its readability; rendering the logo in alphabetical characters instead gives it the potential to be understood by more people.

For the lettering, black was thought to lead to a rigid and overbearing impression, so the color of the letters was changed to the school color, the light blue tansei. In addition, the combination of yellow and light blue was emphasized, and a modern font was chosen to present a bright and open attitude. To facilitate using the logo in different situations, we have also prepared a variation of the logo displaying both kanji and alphabetical characters.

You can download the Visual Identity Guidelines from the link below.​
Visual Identity Guidelines (2024/04/01 version) (PDF)

UTokyo Logotype​

The variations of the UTokyo Logotype established by the University of Tokyo are shown below. To use them, please view the separately prepared Visual Identity Guidelines (PDF).​

UTokyo Logotype A
UTokyo Logotype A​
UTokyo Logotype B
UTokyo Logotype B
UTokyo Logotype C
UTokyo Logotype C

UTokyo Logotype Usage Rules

  1. The Visual Identity shall be used for official University materials (websites, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, publications, etc.).
  2. It may be used by the University administration headquarters, departments and other units, members (faculty, staff, and students), registered student organizations, Athletic Foundation sports clubs, official UTokyo alumni associations, and subsidiaries with 50% or more ownership interest by the University of Tokyo.
  3. Prior application to request use is required.
  4. Its use for commercial products is limited to the University of Tokyo Communication Center and the University of Tokyo CO-OP (except books and publications).

Using the UTokyo Logotype

To use the UTokyo Logotype, please apply via the form below.​

Application to use the UTokyo Logotype (link accessible via the UTokyo internal network only)

Changes to the Logo Over the Years

Old UTokyo logo
1948 logo
Arrow pointing rightArrow pointing down
UTokyo logo
2004 logo
Arrow pointing diagonallyArrow pointing down
2013 “UTokyo” established as official English abbreviation
Arrow pointing rightArrow pointing down
UTokyo Logotype
2024 UTokyo Logotype A


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