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Hands-on Activity Programs

     The Hands-on Activity Programs, which started in 2012, are a specially-designed project whose basic principle is to give UTokyo undergraduate students representing the next generation the opportunity to be exposed to lifestyles and sets of values different from their own. This project is one of the University’s specific measures put into action to foster “tough” UTokyo students. In 2013, the second year of the project, the new category of laboratory experiences was added to the previous year’s five categories of social contributions, international interaction, short internships, local agriculture and nature experiences and field work experiences. A total of 78 programs (Japan: 34, overseas: 24, laboratories: 20) were implemented in 2013, recording a large increase from the previous year. The project, which is organized by the Student Support Group of the University’s Administration Bureau in cooperation with relevant internal sections and external organizations, sees its third term in 2014. Your attention and support are greatly appreciated.

  • Talking with alumni working in New York.

  • Interacting with students in Shanghai.

  • Experiencing traditional craftwork in northwestern Japan.