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Certificates and Related Matters

Student Commuter Certificates

Students who have registered for courses and have official confirmation of a need to commute to a campus more than 2 days a week are eligible to receive a student commuter certificate. This certificate allows a student to purchase a “student commuter pass” which is cheaper than an ordinary commuter pass at a train station office when submitted along with the Student ID. The route has to be between the nearest home station and the station for the campus. The certificate can be obtained during the designated period after the course registration period. We will inform you of the date and location during the USTEP Academic Orientation.
*In some cases, it is better not to purchase a commuter pass depending on your course selection. Please calculate the costs and choose the best option.
**If you commute to both Hongo and Komaba Campuses more than twice per week, you must apply for a second student commuter certificate at the International Education Promotion Group if required. Please be aware that the second certificate will take about a week to be issued.

Student Travel Discount Certificates

When you go on a train trip which is over 100km one-way using JR (Japan Railway), a student travel discount certificate will allow a discount of 20% on a basic fare ticket when you purchase the ticket at a JR ticket office with your student ID. (Express tickets are not eligible for a discount.) The travel discount certificate can be obtained from the International Education Promotion Group. Opening Hours: Weekdays 10AM to 4 PM
*Please note that USTEP students are not able to have the above certificate issued through automatic certificate-issuing machines.

Certificates of Enrollment

Certificates of Enrollment are available while your status as a student of UTokyo is valid, and may be obtained using one of the automatic issuing machines.
・Map showing locations of automatic issuing machines is available here
・Instructions on how to use the automatic issuing machines are available here

Academic Transcripts

Your digitally-signed academic transcript (PDF) will be sent to your home university after you finish the program, around late September for students who complete the exchange program in Spring Semester, and around late April for students who complete the exchange program in Autumn Semester.
If students who have already completed the exchange period need academic transcripts in addition to the copy mentioned above, please follow the instructions below and apply accordingly.
*Notes regarding Digitally-Singed PDF Certificates (as of June 2024):
  • Digitally-signed PDF certificates cannot be used as the original certificate when printed on paper.
  • Digitally-signed PDF certificates are currently issued for trial use at the University of Tokyo and may not be supported by all faculties/graduate schools. Additionally, there may be changes to the operational procedures in the future.
  • Digitally-signed PDF certificates will NOT be processed instantly.
(1) Submit via email  “Application for Issuance of Transcripts” (download the excel file).  Also send via email a copy of the ID page of your passport to the International Education Promotion Group  (
*Requests by phone or fax are not accepted.
*UTokyo is not responsible for any accidents during the delivery.
(2) Once you have received an email acknowledgement of receipt of your application from the International Education Promotion Group, please send us the following item, depending on the delivery method you chose.
For email delivery (PDF), no additional items are required.  For EMS, send us the International Reply Coupons (IRCs) for the required amount (IRCs are available at most post offices all over the world) to the International Education Promotion Group by post.
*IRC may not be available in some countries. Please check the details carefully on your own.
For UPS / FedEx / DHL, send us the shipping slip of UPS / FedEx / DHL by PDF. 
You are required to open the account with them, and the shipping payment will be charged on your credit card. 
For EMS, send IRCs to: For UPS / FedEx / DHL, set the Pick-up destination as below:
International Education Promotion Group,
Education and Student Support Department,
The University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0033 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-5841-2098
(3) It will take about one week to issue your transcript(s) after we receive your application.
For email delivery, it will be sent to the designated email address as soon as your transcript is ready. For EMS, it will take 1 to 2 weeks for the certificate to reach you after the issuance of your transcript(s). For UPS / FedEx / DHL, it will take 5 days or less for the certificate to reach you after the issuance of your transcript(s).
*The number of days it will take to receive your certificate depends on the area in which you live and the method of delivery. Please be sure to apply well in advance.
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