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Course Registration

Students register for courses at the beginning of the semester. The details will be explained at the USTEP Academic Orientation, but please refer to the following  in advance and prepare for the registration.

STEP1. Before Registering - Things you need to know to prepare for registration

(1) Available Courses
When you start planning for your course registration, please use the “Online Course Catalogue” to find courses that are available for USTEP students and plan your preferred course selection by using the “My List” feature in advance. (See “How to Use Online Course Catalogue” for more information.) Courses on offer in the next academic year (April to March) will be updated in the course catalogue on March 15 of the previous academic year. (ex. The courses for academic year of 2023 (April 2023-March 2024) will be updated on March 15 of 2023.)
-The courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering will appear in the course catalogue at the end of March.
-Some faculties will update their courses offered in A semester at the end of July.

(2) Language Requirement
Students must satisfy one or more of the conditions below. The requirement does not apply to Foreign Language courses.

[For courses offered in Japanese]


▸  Japanese native speakers (applicants who have completed their high school education through the Japanese educational system)

▸  JLPT N1 certificate holders

[For courses offered in English]

▸  English native speakers (applicants who have completed their high school education through an educational system in English speaking country/region.)

▸  Non-native English speakers who have been receiving undergraduate education from an institution whose language of instruction is English

▸  Those with the required TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge Examinations scores

[For courses offered in Japanese/English]

▸ Those with both Japanese and English proficiency requirements mentioned above

(3) Credit Requirement
USTEP students must enroll in a minimum of 6 periods (10 hours) per week.  * 1 period = 105 minutes
If a student does not satisfy this condition, his/her course registration will not be approved.

At least one of the courses must be a non-language course.
*Intensive courses are not counted as a course to fulfill the requirement of 6 periods.
*You can take more than 6 periods per week as long as you can manage.


STEP2. Course Registration

(1) Registration through student portal, UTAS
Please first change your UTokyo Account password and take the ECCS online seminar. Details are provided in the “Notification regarding password for the UTokyo Account” which will be issued at the USTEP Academic Orientation and the link here. You will then be able to start your course registration. Please see the attached “Online Course Registration - How to Use UTAS” and follow the instructions.

(2) Registration Period   
The registration period will be about two weeks from the date of the courses starting, and students can try and see which courses to take during that time. You will be notified of the specific dates during the academic orientation. As students will not be able to make changes to their course registrations on UTAS after the deadline, please be sure to complete your registration by the designated date.

-Courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences (course codes starting with 08) will be held on Komaba Campus. Most of the other courses offered by other Faculties will be held on Hongo Campus. *There may be some exceptions. Be sure to check the lecture room of the course in the syllabus. It takes about an hour to travel between Hongo Campus and Komaba Campus.
-Some intensive courses are discribed as S1S2/A1A2 courses in the syllabus even though their actual lectures are offered in S2 term/A2 term. To take those courses, please register for the courses during the course registration period (beginning of April for S semester and from mid-September to beginning of October for A semester). If the syllabus shows that they are the S1S2/A1A2 courses, you are not able to register for those courses during the correction period of S2/A2 term.

(3) Other   

(Faculty of Law Seminars)
The seminars provided by the Faculty of Law will take a different schedule of course registration from other courses. Students who wish to take seminars must submit the application form electronically to the Faculty of Law during the designated periods. Please read carefully the email sent from the International Education Promotion Group in March (for S semester) / September (for A semester).

Japanese Language Courses

The Japanese language courses on each campus are as follows. Details will be sent to you by email before the semester starts.
《Komaba Campus》 Japanese Language Education at Komaba
Registration process:Take a Placement Test at Komaba Campus on the designated date, and register for classes through UTAS.
*Students will not be able to take the Japanese language courses at Komaba without taking this test.
《Hongo Campus》 Japanese Language Class, School of Engineering (JLCSE) 
Registration process:Register through the “STAR” system, take the placement test, and then register for courses using the same system during the designated period. Also, register for the course using UTAS if you need credits for the course. 
Note: Hongo Campus also has the “Center for Japanese Language Education”, but the courses offered there will not be counted as a part of the required 6 classes a week mentioned above.

Academic Manners

USTEP students must take the academic manners seminar during the USTEP Academic Orientation and need to sign a pledge not to violate the University policy. If a student is found to have engaged in plagiarism, a "Fail" will be given not only for the subject concerned but for all subjects taken in that term. We will also notify the student's home university of this breach of ethical standards. The details will be explained at the academic orientation.


If you have any questions regarding the courses, please contact the appropriate person in charge.
(Please contact or visit the International Education Promotion Group if you do not know who to speak to.)
Course registration and general questions → International Education Promotion Group
Contents of the classes and exams → Specific professors

Special Certificate Program

▸ Global Japan Studies (GJS)
    Students who would like to enroll in this program must submit a certificate request through UTAS. You will be notified of the registration process by email.

*The Global Japan Studies program will no longer be available after March 2023.  

▸  Global Studies in Asia (GSA)
Students who wish to register for this program must attend the Program's Orientation. Details will be sent by email.

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