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Q1. To which department/division will the USTEP-Type U students be affiliated?
A1. Students of the USTEP-Type U program will be affiliated to the Center for Global Education.

《Academic Schedule》

Q2. Where can I find the academic calendar? What date should we arrive in Japan by?
  A2. Please refer to the schedule below. Newly enrolled students must attend the USTEP Academic Orientation which will be held at the beginning of the semester. In addition, students must complete their resident registration before the orientation. We will inform you of the detailed schedule around one or two months before the start of the semester.   University Academic Calendar


Q3. How can we know which campus each class is on?

A3. The College of Arts and Sciences(Course code starting with 08)… Komaba Campus
Other faculties … Hongo Campus
*There are a few exceptions.

Q4. I have already received all the necessary credits back home. Can I just audit classes without registering?
A4. No, registering for minimum 6 periods of courses is the requirement for USTEP students. Also, as a rule auditing itself is not permitted.
*1 period = 105 minutes (depending on faculties and College).
Q5. Are the same classes offered each academic year?
A5. It depends on the class, so please make sure to check the courses on offer in the academic year you will attend.
Q6. Is there any possibility that I can take courses which USTEP students are not permitted to take? Can I take the graduate level courses?
A6. Again, USTEP students can only take the courses which can be found in the course catalogue for USTEP Type-U students. Do not use the search engine for “Undergraduate (3rd and 4th years)” and “Graduate”.
Q7. Is there any chance that I will not be able to enroll in a course for which I have registered?
A7. Basically no; however, there are some exceptions such as those listed below.
▸ Law Seminars
In order to enroll for law seminars, students must submit an application essay for each seminar by the designated date. Essays will be reviewed by each professor, and only students who obtain permission are eligible to take the course. We will notify you of the details before the semester starts.

▸ Japanese Language Courses
Students will be divided into separate classes based on the results of their placement tests.

▸ Others
In cases of over enrollment. In that case, please follow the instructions given by each professor.
Q8. What does “Intensive” mean?
A8. The intensive courses do not have classes every week, but are held during a designated period according to the wishes of each professor. Thus, there is a variety of time slots such as weekends only, in a designated week or month, during a make-up class period, and so on.


Q9. When and how will I receive my academic transcript?
A9. We will send two academic transcripts to your home university after you finish the program. (One for you and another for your home university.)

*Academic transcripts will be sent around the following times:
S Semester  Late September
A Semester  Late April
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