Current Students
Current Students

Life in Japan

JASSO Scholarship

Recipients of the JASSO Scholarships are required to be in Japan for them to receive the scholarships. The recipients must come to the International Exchange Group in order to sign a register for our records during the designated period each month. We will notify you of the signing period at the beginning of each semester. Opening Hours: Weekdays 9AM to 12 PM, 1 PM to 5 PM


Part-time Jobs and Internships

If you wish to work part-time or do a paid internship, you must obtain permission for part-time work (shikakugai katsudou kyoka) before starting work. You can apply for permission at the immigration section of the airport upon your arrival, or apply at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau after your arrival. When you find work, please inform the International Exchange Group about your work place, duties, and how many hours per week you will work for, before starting your job.


Japan is a relatively safe country, but you must be careful not to become involved in avoidable accidents. For example, in Japan, natural disasters resulting from natural phenomena such as earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, and avalanches can take place. Under these circumstances, make sure to seek accurate and correct information from the media and you should not behave carelessly and put yourself at risk. Similarly, if you wish to have fun and enjoyment by going to the seaside to swim or the mountains to hike or climb, please make sure not to put yourself in unnecessary danger. If you drive a car, or ride a motorcycle or bicycle while in Japan, you must take out appropriate insurance coverage to protect yourself and others.

Temporary Leave

When you leave Japan temporarily, you must submit an “Application for Temporary Leave” form to the International Exchange Group in person at least 3 days before you leave. Please also make sure to notify us by email on your return.