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Sustainable Urban Management

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Associate Professor, Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Senior Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo            
Junior Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Doctor of Engineering at Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Assoc. Prof. Kiyo Kurisu

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Sustainable Urban Management


1 Subject Sustainable Urban Management
2 Field Urban Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering
3 Key words Sustainable society, urban management, river-basin management, environmentally friendly architecture
4 Global Unit 1
5 Lecturer Coordinator: Kiyo KURISU (Assoc. Prof., Urban Engineering)
Akito MURAYAMA (Assoc. Prof., Urban Engineering)
Fumihiko SETA (Assoc. Prof., Urban Engineering)
Keiichiro TANIGUCHI (Assoc. Prof., Architecture)
Toru MITANI (Prof., Architecture)
Hideki YOSHIOKA (Assoc. Prof., Architecture)
Kohei NAGAI (Assoc. Prof., Civil Engineering)
Daniel del Barrio Alvarez (Assistant Prof., Civil Engineering)
Wataru TAKEUCHI (Prof., Civil Engineering)
6 Period July 3-13, 2023
7 Time 5:00-6:30pm [July 3-12]
1:00-2:30pm/3:00-4:30pm [July 13]
(Japan Standard Time)
8 Lecture style In-person (on Hongo Campus)
9 Evaluation Criteria Excellent (S) 90 –100%; Very good (A) 80–89%; Good (B) 70–79%; Pass (C) 60–69%; Fail (D) 0–59%
10 Evaluation methods Students must attend 7 or more lectures to receive a passing grade. Assessment will be made based on attendance and a short report or quiz about each lecture.
11 Prerequisites None
12 Contents Purpose
To learn about approaches from urban planning, environmental engineering, architecture, and civil engineering to develop a sustainable society.
The course consists of omnibus lectures and group works, and site visit.
0: Guidance 
1: Community-based Approach to Eco-Smart Districts (Prof. Murayama) 
2: Sustainable Urban Development and Management (Prof. Seta)
3: Design methodologies across environmental engineering and architectural design (Prof. Taniguchi)
4: Greening the Urban Space: Introduction of Landscape Architecture Projects (Prof. Mitani)
5: Urban Building Fire Disaster Mitigation in Japan (Prof. Yoshioka)
6: Data utilization for maintenance of road and bridge infrastructures (Assoc. Prof. Nagai)
7: Sustainability transition in urban energy systems (Assistant Prof. del Barrio Alvarez)
8: Application of geospatial technologies towards One World, One Health (Prof. Takeuchi)
9,10: Site visit (Mori Building Co., @Roppongi) (Prof. Kurisu)

Small reports (or test) in each lecture (at least 7-times submissions are required)
13 Required readings All materials will be provided during the class.
14 Reference readings None
15 Notes on Taking the Courase -


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