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UTokyo Global Unit Courses

The University of Tokyo's "Global Unit Courses" (GUC) provides a great opportunity for
students around the world to gain what it is like to study at one of the world's leading universities in East Asia. UTokyo GUC offers a variety of courses with cutting-edge contents, taught by faculty members of the University of Tokyo. All the courses for the year 2022 will be offered in online/on-demand format to enable students to experience UTokyo virtually and safely. 
Law in Transnational East Asia
Media in Japan and the World
Writings About Japan
Early Language Acquisition
AI and Social Justice
Introduction 2022 program
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UTokyo Global Unit Courses Application Guideline (information of 2022 program)
The application guidelines for summer 2023 will be updated around winter.

Information Sessions

Information session will be held this weekend, 19 November at 18:00 and 18:30 (JST)



Yasuda Auditorium
Applicants must be currently enrolled in a university as a full-time student outside of Japan (undergraduate and graduate).
UTokyo students are also welcome to apply for the program.

Language Requirement
All UTokyo GUC courses are taught entirely in English (except for Japanese language courses) and no knowledge of Japanese language is required. Although no certificate of English language skills is required, students must possess sufficient language proficiency to complete university-level courses. The expected minimum proficiency level is that of TOEFL(iBT) 90 or IELTS 6.5.

For UTokyo Students

Sakura: cherry blossoms
UTokyo students are also welcome to apply for the program.

Go Global website (JPN)
Go Global website (English)

Program Schedule

Application Period : From 1 February to 15 April 2022 at 16:00 (JST)
Receive Result of Screening: Early May
Payment Deadline: Early May to Mid-May
Program Period: Mid-June to August
Course Code Instructor Title Course schedule Number of sessions Units
GUC22S101L Prof. Kaori Hayashi Media in Japan and the World July 6
July 7-8 
13:00-14:30 /15:00-16:30
5 sessions 0.5 unit
GUC22S102L Prof. Kentaro Matsubara Law in Transnational East Asia July 4-8
10 sessions 1 unit
GUC22S103D Prof. Yujin Yaguchi
Writings About Japan--Analyzing Cultural Representations, From Orientalism to Artificial Intelligence Course materials available:
July 4 - August 5
Synchronous live sessions 1&2 (attendance required). *see syllabus for further information.
10 sessions 1 unit
GUC22S201L Prof. Yukari Ito Group Theory and Its Applications--Introduction to Beautiful Modern Mathematics June 13-17/20-24
10 sessions 1 unit
GUC22S202L Prof. Satoshi Iwamoto Nanoscience June 20-24/June 27-July 1
10 sessions 1 unit
GUC22S203L Assoc. Prof. Kiyo Kurisu Sustainable Urban Management June 20-24/June 27-July 1
10 sessions 1 unit
GUC22S301L Asst. Prof. Sho Tsuji Early Language Acquisition--How Human Infants Learn Language Within Their Social Environment July 4-8
5 sessions 0.5 unit
GUC22S302L Prof. Yuko Itatsu AI and Social Justice July 20-22/25-29/Aug 1-2
 10 sessions 1 unit
GUC22S406L Japanese Language Courses Survival Japanese for Beginners July 11-15
5 sessions 0.5 unit
GUC22S407L Japanese Language Courses Tips on Reading Japanese Kanji for Kanji Background Students July 11, 13, 15, 20, 22
5 sessions 0.5 unit
GUC22S408L Japanese Language Courses Interview Project in Japanese “Let's get to know UTokyo students!” July 4-8
5 sessions 0.5 unit
GUC22S409L Japanese Language Courses Rediscovering the pleasure and challenges of studying the language and society of Japan July 25-29
5 sessions 0.5 unit

Courses/ Delivery method

Applicants may choose from the following courses.
*See the Timetable for specific time periods when the courses are taught .

Media in Japan and the World
(online, synchronous)

Hi. My name is Kaori Hayashi, written 林香里 in Chinese characters. After working as a journalist at Reuters in the early 1990s, I began investigating the Japanese media and journalism in a global context. As one of the few female professors on campus (less than 10% of the entire faculty), I belong to the absolute minority group in the UTokyo community. I am a strong advocate for gender justice and am constantly challenging gender biases and stereotypes. In the course I teach, I will focus on both the changing and unchanging aspects of journalism in this volatile digitized age and hope to think together with you about their implications for social justice and democracy from a comparative perspective. I am looking forward to having productive discussions with all of you!

Law in Transnational East Asia
(online, synchronous)

Tokyo is one of the best places in the world to study East Asian cultures and societies.  My area of expertise is in the Legal History and Comparative Law involving East Asian societies. After completing my LL.B. in Tokyo and D.Phil. in Oxford, I have held research and teaching posts in Columbia Law School, Hong Kong University, the National University of Singapore, and Yale University.  The GUC provides a wonderful opportunity for students with diverse backgrounds to come together, and to learn from each other. I am excited to participate again this year, to learn from the vibrant exchanges myself, and to begin a long-term exchange of ideas and experiences.

Writings About Japan--Analyzing Cultural Representations, From Orientalism to Artificial Intelligence
(on-demand, nonsynchronous)

I am a cultural studies scholar whose focus is on United States-Japan relations. As the Director of International Education Support Office, I am also passionate about promoting international student exchanges, even amidst the pandemic, and that is why I am teaching this on-demand/online course. It focuses on how Japan has been portrayed in various media (written texts, films, artificial intelligence) throughout the last 150 years to understand the dynamics of cultural representations. I taught this course last year and had a wonderful time talking to students from all over the world. I look forward to doing the same with you!

Group Theory and Its Applications--Introduction to Beautiful Modern Mathematics
(online, synchronous)

I am a Professor of Kavli Institute for Mathematics and the Physics of the Universe (IPMU) I am interested in Algebraic Geometry which are related with Superstring theory. I am also interested in mathematical education and have organized Exhibitions "Mathematics Museum" several times. Recently I wrote a book "Introduction to Beautiful Mathematics" in Japanese and I would like to show you a part of the book on some traditional Japanese culture and mathematics in this lecture. Moreover, I will talk on recent research on Algebraic Geometry, for example, McKay correspondence which was studied well in UK , Europe and Japan.

(online, synchronous)

How are you reading my message? With a laptop? a tablet or a smartphone? None of them would have been possible in the present form as you use them today without the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are also revolutionizing some medical care. Drug delivery is one of the examples. As such, nanoscience and nanotechnology are enabling our daily life and will make future life better. In this course, we will guide you to the “nanoworld” through a series of lectures on nanoscience and nanotechnology in diverse fields including physics and electronics, biomedicine, and bioengineering. We will also learn the fundamentals of rapidly-growing quantum computing technology from a researcher in the industry.
Why not go on an adventure to the “nanoworld” this summer?

Sustainable Urban Management
(online, synchronous)

I'm Kiyo, who coordinates this course. My specialty is environmental engineering, especially about people-side acceptance of environmental measures, fostering pro-environmental behaviors to build a low-carbon society, and effects of climate-change adaptation on people's quality of life. It is our responsibility to build a sustainable society. In this course, you will learn approaches for the formation of a sustainable society from the fields of urban engineering, architecture, and civil engineering.

Early Language Acquisition--How Human Infants Learn Language Within Their Social Environment
(online, synchronous)

My research investigates the mechanisms behind young children’s amazing capacity to acquire language fast and efficiently in diverse environments. 
Language acquisition is both potent and fragile: Normally developing babies learn language at a speed unrivaled by machines, but early adversity can dramatically affect early acquisition. Understanding the mechanisms behind their learning is of high societal relevance, since early language skills are the single best predictor for later academic success. Drawing on observational, experimental, and interventional methods, I focus on the role of the linguistic environment and social context for advancing learning.

AI and Social Justice
(online, synchronous)

My teaching and research at the University of Tokyo has been motivated on the inclusion of minorities in society, whether the marginalization is due to their race, class, gender, linguistic ability or otherwise. I am very excited to be thinking about artificial intelligence with the GUC participants, particularly about how this technology can be examined using the lens of social justice. By welcoming students from various parts of the world, I believe we will be able to see just how varied our understandings are when it comes to our concerns about AI and how it can be used for social justice. 


Japanese Language Courses

*Japanese Language Courses are open only to the students who register for at least one of the above courses. The courses will be taught by faculty of Center for Japanese Language Education.

Program fee

JPY 50,000 per Unit / JPY 25,000 per 0.5 Unit  

The program fee must be paid in full after admission is confirmed in April by credit card ONLY.
Payment Deadline:Early May to mid-May


Applications are accepted via T-cens SP Online Application System only.
T-cens SP (

Please download the Instruction for your GUC application via T-cens SP from the UTokyo GUC website and refer to the instruction carefully. 
Download UTokyo GUC 2022 Application Guidelines
Download UTokyo GUC 2022 Program Terms and Coditions

The following documents must be submitted.
*Be sure that the file size of each document does not exceed 2MB.

1) A color ID photo, plain background (taken within the last 3 months)
2) A copy of your identification (passport or student ID card)
3) An OFFICIAL transcript(s) from all the institutions of higher education one has attended
4) Grading scale (if not mentioned in the above official transcript)
5) Consent Form
     *Download the form from UTokyo GUC website, read it carefully and sign.
   Consent Form

*3~5) Please scan and save the data as a PDF file.

6)Statement of purpose for each course you want to apply for
     *Please download the document from UTokyo GUC website and fill out for each course
  Statement of Purpose

Global Unit / Assessment

Students will be rigorously assessed and be given "Global Units" based on their performance and the number of class hours. Upon completion of course, a Global Unit Certificate, which may be used to calculate credits for transfer to your home institution, will be issued by the University of Tokyo.

Feedback from 2021 Students

The atmosphere and online environment created in the class was one of the most satisfactory and exciting areas of the units. Both classes were full of students who were extremely lively and engaged with the content we were learning and discussing. It was a great opportunity to listen to the opinions and experiences of people from all around the world and expand my academic interests through this. Altough it was online, I feel as though I developed some strong academic connections with others participating in the sessions
Ms. Iona Leask Fleming/
Durham University
There are students from all around the world, and we exchanged experiences and knowledge with each other. I know now deeper about the situation in certain countries thanks to my classmates who are very active and critical. They were all very interesting and each of them had an impact for me in the long run. 
Ms.Indira  Sukmariana/
University of Indonesia
The teachers were excellent. The course content was very insightful, creative, and relevant. And my fellow classmates were thoughtful and kind, which made taking the classes very enjoyable.
Mr. Marco Lepe/
University of California, Berkeley


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UTokyo Global Unit Courses
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The University of Tokyo, 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8652 JAPAN

Please send all inquiries regarding the courses to the following email address:

utokyo-guc.adm(at) *Please change (at) to @

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