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Message for UTokyo students: Easing of the UTokyo Activity Restrictions Index Level

June 21, 2021

To all students of the University of Tokyo:

On Sunday, 20 June, the Government of Japan has decided to lift the state of emergency it had declared on 10 prefectures, (with the exception of Okinawa). Of these, seven prefectures, including Tokyo, have had their state changed to the priority actions to prevent the spread of infections.

Following this, we have made a decision to ease the university’s level of activity restrictions index from the current level of Pre-1 by one level from Monday 21 June. However, the method of indicating the activity restrictions index will also change from numerical to alphabetical on the same day.

Therefore, from Monday 21 June, the university will be at an Activity Restrictions Index Level of Level A (equivalent to the previous Level 0.5).

Please conduct all extracurricular activities in accordance with the “Policies for Extracurricular Activities” given below.

Although the number of people infected at the university has been kept low through everyone’s daily measures and cooperation, the number of people being infected in Tokyo has remained at a high level. Furthermore, the number of people in their 20s being infected are increasing.

Under these circumstances, it is still important for each individual to thoroughly implement measures to prevent infection. We would like to repeat this once more, but please comply with the “Request for thorough implementation of measures to prevent infection” that has already been notified to all university members strictly. In particular, please continue to pay the utmost care to dining in groups and informal gatherings, which have been found to have a high risk of spreading the infection based on past experiences.

June 21, 2021

Executive Vice President in charge of educational affairs

OKUBO Tatsuya,
Executive Vice President
Head, UTokyo Coronavirus Task Force

The 2021 University of Tokyo Activity Restrictions Index for Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (PDF)

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