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Policy of Extracurricular Activities on the Activity Restriction Level B

  The third state of emergency was declared on 25 April for four prefectures, including Tokyo. As a result of this, a new level, Level B, has been added to the university’s activity restrictions index and we have raised the activity restriction level to Level B.
 With regards to extracurricular activities, we have decided not to prohibit all extracurricular activities for students, but instead, we have decided to “permit some extracurricular activities on the condition that utmost measure is given to prevent the spread of infection”. However, with the increasing spread of infection through highly contagious strains of the virus, so that all of you can safely continue your activities, we have set the following conditions:

(1) Participation in official competitions and events is permitted.
  <Precautions when participating in official competitions and events>
  Confirm that the organizer’s countermeasures are sufficient and observe the infection prevention measures of UTokyo and that of the organizer.

(2) Use of the university’s facilities will be permitted as long as the number of students and time of use is limited, and that its use is essential in the preparation for the above-mentioned activities.

(3) In principle, use of university facilities will not be permitted for activities that do not have official competitions or events. However, if off-campus facilities are to be used, observe the infection prevention measures of UTokyo and the off-campus facility, and limit the number of people and duration of use.

(4) Use of overnight accommodations will only be permitted for official competitions and events permitted in (1) above, only if it is deemed impossible to take part as a day trip. If staying overnight, group activities, including meals, are not to be carried out at the accommodation (and nearby areas), and only single-use rooms should be booked.

(5) Holding conversations without wearing masks and taking meals together (groups of more than 2) shall be prohibited during conducts before and after the activities (including intervals and at the end) listed in all the above points.

(6) Activities planned online shall be permitted, but even in such cases, the organizers shall take sufficient measures to prevent the spread of infection.

Manager, Student Support Group, Education and Student Support Department
The University of Tokyo

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