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Regarding classes held during S1/S2

Dear Students:
In response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, President Makoto Gonokami has announced in his message of March 18 that the “number of in-person classes will be minimized and instruction through online courses will be encouraged and promoted.” The university has further reviewed this decision, in light of the rapid increase in the number of cases in Japan and the request by Tokyo Governor to its citizens to stay at home. To prioritize the safety of all the students, the university will only offer remote instruction (online courses) from April until further announcement.
Students should view and participate in classes at their home and refrain from going outside as much as possible.
Students should check UTAS announcements and webpages of each College/Faculty for course details. Note that some information will be only posted only on UTAS or College/Faculty websites - thus they should check periodically.
The university may be contacting you via email. Make sure to register your most recent email address using the UTAS student information menu. Also set your smartphone to receive messages from addresses.

Executive Vice President (Education)
The University of Tokyo


This is an evolving situation and the information may be updated. Frequently check to relevant sites for the most up-to-date information.

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