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IMAS: Inbound Medical Assistance Service for International Students at UTokyo

Emergency 24/7, 365 days-a-year Medical Assistance (Japanese/English/Chinese) for International Students

The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) provides the titled service: IMAS (Inbound Medical Assistance Service) through a specialist organization (EAJ – Emergency Assistance Japan ) for international students (please see below for details).

Cost and details of the service

(Standard Service)
  • Telephone Consultation available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Referral to an appropriate hospital.
  • Interpretation service provided over the phone while in hospital or during transfer to hospital.
  • Contacting the University if necessary
(Emergency insurance associate with IMAS)
  • Arrangement of transportation to a medical facility or for transfer to another medical facility in Japan or in one's home country.
  • Contact to and assistance for family in one's home country, etc.


To use this service please complete the application form on the following website. (Students who are not eligible for the fee to be paid by the University should complete the form and then apply to the contact listed below by e-mail. The annual fee is JPY 1,560.)

Handling of Personal Information

The underwriting companies EAJ (Emergency Assistance Japan Co. Ltd) and SOMPO Japan Insurance Inc. will not use the personal information of those signing up for IMAS provided by UTokyo or obtained in the course of their duties for any purpose other than the implementation of their duties. The underwriters will not disclose the personal information to any third party without the consent of the IMAS members unless required by law, or unless necessary to save the lives of the IMAS members and property*2. (* applies only to EAJ, the company actually providing the Assistance Service.)
IMAS members shall be deemed to have consented to the handling mentioned above by applying through this website.

You will be able to use this service immediately after registration. Please use the telephone number provided in the application confirmation e-mail that will be sent to you and give your name, Faculty/Graduate School and university name should you need to use the service. (Please keep the number handy so that you will be able to call whenever necessary.)

 The service will be available immediately after you complete the registration for IMAS following your enrollment as a student, or if it is after your program start date. However, if you come to Japan early to settle in, such as to move into your university accommodations etc., IMAS service will be available from the date you register with IMAS.

Students enrolled in regular courses (undergraduate, Master’s and doctorate programs) will have their membership contract automatically renewed until the end of their standard course duration*2. Research students registered for courses at the University for periods greater than one year will need to re-apply after each year of their stay. Research students whose duration of stay at the University is less than one year will be able to make use of IMAS until the end of the program for which they have registered.

*2 Students who will still be enrolled at the University beyond the standard course duration due to leave of absence or having to repeat a year can continue to make use of IMAS by reapplying using the above mentioned form after the standard course duration has passed (the cost will be borne by the University). Similarly, should you advance within the University to a higher level (undergraduate to Master’s, Master’s to doctorate, etc.) please reapply to make use of IMAS.

  • Please be aware that the IMAS program is currently being tried out, and subject to the decision of the University, the program may be terminated or have changes made to its rules.

Eligibility for this service (Students whose annual fees are paid by the University)

  1. Students (including those on leave of absence) enrolled in the following programs and who are given permission of stay based on the qualification for stay provided in the Appended Table 1 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (Cabinet Order No. 319 of 1951)*3.
  1. Undergraduate students (Junior and Senior Division, undergraduate research students, undergraduate special auditing students
  2. Graduate students (Master’s course, professional Master’s course, doctorate course), graduate research students, international research students, graduate special auditing students, special research students
  3. Research students in affiliated institutes and centers
          *3 Qualifications of stay that are eligible for the service (Appended Table 1)
              Diplomat, official, professor, artist, religious activities, journalist, investor/business manager, legal/accounting services, medical  
              services, researcher, instructor, engineer, specialist in humanities/international services, intra-company transferee, entertainer, 
              skilled labor, technical intern training, cultural activities, temporary visitor, student, trainee, dependent, and designated activities.
       Qualifications of stay that are NOT eligible for the service (Appended Table 2)
         Permanent resident, spouse or child of Japanese national, spouse or child of permanent resident, long term resident (those who are    
         authorized to reside in Japan with a period of stay designated by the Minister for Justice in consideration of special circumstances   
         (refugee, spouse or children of Japanese immigrants)), special permanent residents specified by the “Special Act on the Immigration   
         Control of, Inter Alia, Those Who Have Lost Japanese Nationality Pursuant to the Treaty of Peace with Japan” (Act No. 71 of 1991).
  1. Students accepted into programs based on the rules concerning the running of short-term international programs at the University of Tokyo.
  1. Students given special dispensation by the Director General of the Division for Global Campus Initiatives
It is possible for all other students and researchers to enroll in this service by paying an annual fee of JPY 1,560. Those who wish to make use of this service should contact the section in charge below via email.


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