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OSSMA: Study Abroad Security Services

For students who are planning on travelling overseas:
Information concerning the OSSMA (Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance) Service


※ Purchase of and enrollment to OSSMA will be optional. However, if your Faculty/Graduate School of affiliation, or the organizer of the program require you to enroll in OSSMA, please make sure to purchase and enroll in OSSMA before you travel.

Please apply for OSSMA at least one month before you travel (earlier if travelling around the end of year/new year holiday period)*1
*1 Applications made with less than one month to the date of travel will be accepted as much as possible. Please make sure to type in the circumstances in the additional comments section of the application form (see below). The International Education Promotion Group, Education & Student Support Department will consider the situation.
Applicants for OSSMA are required to obtain travel insurance and to register the insurance details through the members-only website.
Please note that OSSMA cannot be used to cover private holidays. However, if your private trip takes place during your official travel, the private trip should be included in your OSSMA coverage.


OSSMA is a service that provides appropriate support 24/7, 365 days a year in Japanese, English or Chinese for any problems that may occur while abroad. An outline of the services provided is given below. The families of the members may also use the services on behalf of the paying members.

Before departure
  • Advice and information on local safety conditions, such as disturbances etc.
  • Advice and discussion about overseas travel insurance
  • Answering any questions about the OSSMA service
While traveling
1. Personal Support
Support office for any problems during your stay. Dealing with problems due to flight delays, or advice in events such as leaving your mobile phone on the airplane. Support such as contacting necessary organizations in the event of theft or loss of passports, airline tickets, credit cards etc. as well as help in getting them reissued.
2. Medical Assistance while Overseas
You will be able to use the following services over the phone without any worries in Japanese (or English) in the event of illness or injuries.
  1. Refer as well as make reservations for doctors or overseas medical facilities (please feel free to use this service if you wish to see a doctor while overseas on travel or study).
  2. Telephone interpreter service in the event of going to a medical facility overseas.
  3. Advice on making claims to your travel insurance for medical costs.
  4. Making arrangements for doctors to be sent or for emergency transportation as well as repatriation to Japan. Making arrangements for admission to hospital in Japan.
3. Confirmation of Safety
Confirmation of safety will be obtained following request from family member or the University.
In the event where a member’s safety cannot be confirmed, steps such as contacting local embassies and police will be taken while coordinating with the University to obtain confirmation. If necessary, search members will be sent onsite.
Similarly, confirmation of safety of members residing in regions where, incidents, accidents or disasters occur will be obtained.
4. Care of Mental Health
Support and advice will be provided concerning care of the state of the members’ mental health.
5. Emergency Travel Support for Family Members
In the event of a member being hospitalized while overseas, should family members or University staff decide to travel to be at the member’s side, support will be provided for the emergency issue of passports or visas, booking of flights and hotels as well as making temporary payment on their behalf.
6. Referring Lawyers
The service will refer you to lawyers in the event legal advice is required or sought after, regardless of whether it is a criminal or civil matter.

The OSSMA service is a support service to manage the safety of students while overseas which requires advance payment of membership fees, and is not an insurance service. Please be aware that medical costs such as hospital fees, examination fees and counseling fees etc. are the responsibility of each member.
Therefore, travel insurance must be obtained along with this service.



Please follow the steps below to apply.

 1.Please input all the necessary information in the application form on the following website

 2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have completed the application form in 1.

 3. You will receive an e-mail containing information regarding your user ID from the International Education Promotion Group, Education & Student Support Department about a couple of weeks after you have completed your application. Please input all necessary information through the website below (information such as travel insurance details, expected date of return etc. must be provided). Travel safety information and advice will be provided by the service provider on this site, we recommend that you check the information provided for the location you will be travelling to.
         EAJ OSSMA Locator website (

4. The cost of OSSMA is determined by the length of cover as shown below. Please make sure to pay the relevant fee before you travel. (Your application is complete once payment has been received.) If you have any questions about fees and payment, please contact EAJ(

Handling of Personal Information

The underwriting company EAJ (Emergency Assistance Japan Co. Ltd) will not use the personal information of those signing up for OSSMA provided by UTokyo or obtained in the course of their duties for any purpose other than the implementation of their duties. The underwriter will not disclose the personal information to any third party without the consent of the OSSMA members unless required by law, or unless necessary to save the lives of OSSMA members and property.
UTokyo as well as the relevant departments will not disclose the personal information to any third party without the consent of the OSSMA member concerned unless by law.

OSSMA members shall be deemed to have consented to the handling mentioned above by applying through this website.



Cover period
Individual member fee
(excl. 10% tax) [JPY] 
1 3,300
2 5,500
3 11,000
4 14,850
5 18,700
6 22,000
7 - 9 26,400
10 - 12 29,700

If the period of cover is more than 10 days over a calendar month,
the cost will be rounded up to the higher month.

Period: Jan 1 -Feb 9 (1 month)
period: Jan 1 -Feb 10 (2 months)

Important information regarding payment
A payment slip for OSSMA individual member fee will be sent from Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. (EAJ) to you by e-mail. You can choose payment method from the convenience store payment or credit card settlement. If you make payment at convenience store, please keep the receipt until you return to JAPAN.

Please make the payment as early as possible and payment must be received before your date of travel.
Refund following cancellation or reduction in duration of the trip once you have registered and paid for the service.
The cancellation policy of the service is given below. If necessary, please contact EAJ directly by e-mail for more information (
(1) If the cancellation is made before you travel, the following cancellation charges will be applied and the remaining amount will be refunded.
Notification from member If period is 6 months or less If period is more than 6 months
If notified by the 25th of the month prior to travel JPY 1,000 JPY 1,000
Up to day before you travel JPY 1,000 JPY 4,000
(Amounts in the table are exclusive of consumption tax.)

(2) If the duration of the trip is reduced after departure, and the difference in value of the original payment and the cost of the reduced period is over JPY 10,000 (excluding consumption tax), then the difference minus the following cancellation charges will be refunded.
Notification from member If period is 6 months or less If period is more than 6 months
Notification after travel date JPY 1,000 JPY 4,000
(Amounts in the table are exclusive of consumption tax.)

How to use

If you run into problems while abroad
Please telephone the contact number provided (Collect Call through an operator may be used) in the Service Guide that will be sent to you with your ID.

Confirmation of Safety
Members who have signed up for OSSMA will receive an e-mail requesting confirmation of safety  at the time of their arrival and once every month. Please make sure to respond to this e-mail. Similar confirmation of safety may be requested in the occurrence of a major disaster. Information on your safety will be reported to the University, It may be recommended that you contact your family, etc. by yourself also.

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