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Scholarships Offered by Private Organizations

There are approximately 80 private organizations offering scholarships throughout the year. Please check the application methods below.

1. Application Methods

There are 2 methods of application for the scholarships for privately financed international UTokyo students.

(1) University Recommendation
The university recommends the candidates selected through internal screening processes to the various foundations.

(2) Direct Application
Students can apply directly to the foundations by themselves.

2. How to Apply

(1) University Recommendation
The students should apply through the administrative office of their Faculty/Graduate School. In some Faculty/Graduate Schools, the applicants are required to register in advance within a prescribed period. Therefore, please contact your administrative office and check whether or not you need to register.

(2) Direct Application
Students are required to apply to the foundations themselves. Please also check “Notes Regarding Application for Scholarships” (Japanese only) which gives general notes on items which you have to keep in mind when you apply for the scholarship. Applicants should also understand that the acceptance rate by private organizations is not high: In 2012, the University recommended 122 candidates in total and only 66 of them were accepted as recipients.

3. Information on Scholarships

You can check the latest information on scholarships from the following list. Please check this list regularly.

Latest list of scholarships for which you can apply (PDF)

You need to check the detailed requirements for each scholarship: Some scholarships test the applicants’ Japanese language skills by requiring an essay or an interview and some foundations prohibit the scholars to receive any other scholarships. You can check the detailed requirements from the following list.

Tsuji International Scholarship Foundation
IBM Global University Programs PhD Fellowship Award
JEES/Softbank AI Scholarship
Kawashima Shoji Memorial Scholarship
Japan-China Friendship Association
Epson International Scholarship Foundation
Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship Foundation
Hattori International Scholarship Foundation
INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation
Ito Foundation for International Education Exchange
AEON Scholarship
Park Yong Koo Scholarship Foundation
Nitori International Scholarship Foundation
Heiwa Nakajima Foundation
Honjo International Scholarship Foundation
Watanuki International Scholarship Foundation
Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association
JGC-S Scholarship Foundation
Takaku Foundation
Dr. Lin Tsung-I University of Tokyo Scholarships at DR. LIN TSUNG-I FOUNDATION Sustainability Scholarship

4. Inquiries

Please direct all inquiries to the Office of International Students of your Faculty/Graduate School. You can check their contact information from “International Offices by Faculty and Graduate School.”

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