Quantum Initiative Projects


The Future Society Initiative (FSI) promotes educational and research projects in the field of quantum research.
The number of registered projects is 65 as of 2024-6-1. See this portal page for information on how to register your project (on-campus access only).

1. Quantum software/Quantum applications
1.1 Quantum algorithm/Quantum compiler
1.2 Quantum chemistry
1.3 Quantum AI
1.4 Quantum financial engineering/technologies
1.5 Quantum interdisciplinary sciences
(Life science, Mathematics, Particle   physics, Space science, Astronomy, Quantum gravity, etc.)
1.6 Quantum information/Quantum cryptography
1.7 Quantum network/Quantum Internet
1.8 Quantum cybersecurity
1.9 Quantum social science/Quantum cyber-physical systems
1.10 Educating the quantum generations
2. Quantum hardware/Basic science and technologies
2.1 Quantum bits, memories, devices(Superconducting circuits, Ion trapping, Trapped cold atoms, Photons, Quantum dots, etc.)
2.2 Quantum sensing(Quantum metrology/Sensing/Imaging, Optical lattice clocks)
2.3 Quantum materials
(Topological materials/Thermoelectric devices/Functional materials)
2.4 Quantum optics/Quantum teleportation
(Quantum optical network/Quantum repeaters)
2.5 Quantum wiring/Quantum electronics/Electronics for Quantum Information

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