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Message for UTokyo students: Raising the UTokyo Activity Restrictions Index Level to B

July 12, 2021

To the students of the University of Tokyo:

It is only about 3 months since the new semester started in April, but it is now time for the S semester examinations. It is the period to look back on what you have learnt during the S semester through the exams and reconsider your own directions and plans.

The University of Tokyo has decided to raise the activity restriction level to Level B from July 12 following the declaration of the state of emergency for Tokyo and the increase in the number of infected people on campus. Classes shall primarily be conducted online, but for classes that are more educationally effective when conducted face-to-face, these will be conducted face-to-face (including its combined use with online class) after taking the utmost measures to prevent infection. Regarding the extracurricular activities of students, some are permitted based on the following policy, provided that the maximum consideration is given to the spread of infection. In addition to this, we would like to alert you to the following.

In the week from the end of June, the number of students being infected has increased rapidly. What is noticeable with these cases of infection that spans across several faculties and graduate schools is that eating and drinking outside the scope of the "Activity Restrictions", especially private and periods "before and after" extracurricular activities, is the route of infection. We are now entering the examination and summer vacation periods, but please be especially careful when eating and drinking. Please make sure that "Conversation should be done after avoiding three Cs and wearing a mask". With a little care by each and every one of you, we can reduce the number of infected people on campus. Also, we hope you will have a good summer vacation.

Therefore, from Monday 21 June, the university will be at an Activity Restrictions Index Level of Level A (equivalent to the previous Level 0.5).

Please carry out possible activities while enriching your ideas. If you feel uneasy or depressed, please feel free to contact the Center for Research on Counseling and Support Services.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

July 12, 2021

Executive Vice President in charge of educational affairs

OKUBO Tatsuya,
Executive Vice President
Head, UTokyo Coronavirus Task Force

The 2021 University of Tokyo Activity Restrictions Index for Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (PDF)

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