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Message for UTokyo students: Preventing infection during the summer vacation

August 2, 2021

To the students of the University of Tokyo:

The S semester exam period is coming to a close and the summer vacation is about to begin. We would like you to let go of both your mind and body fully, and refresh yourselves in preparation for your studies in the autumn. However, please note the following points.

Due to the situation brought on by the mutant strains, the number of people infected in Tokyo, as well the number of people on campus who are infected, has increased in the past week. Of the 25 university members infected last week, 20 were students.

Most of the infections were not caused by educational, research, or extracurricular activities on campus. Rather many students were infected while spending time with their friends, such as eating out and traveling together or visiting each other's home. It is extremely important to take appropriate measures to prevent such cases.

We realize the need to have some time to relax during the summer break. However, please be mindful of the risk of infection, especially when dining out or going on overnight stays. Wear a mask appropriately when talking and act with utmost care during overnight trips. We trust you will act responsibly to prevent the spread of infections, just as you would in other occasions. As for your on-campus activities, we will try to support them by keeping the libraries and other facilities open as much as possible during the summer.

We look forward to seeing all of you feeling refreshed and energized after the summer break.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

August 2, 2021
Executive Vice President in charge of educational affairs

OKUBO Tatsuya,
Executive Vice President
Head, UTokyo Coronavirus Task Force

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