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Message for UTokyo staff: Raising of the activity restriction guideline level

January 24, 2022

To all faculty and staff members of the University of Tokyo:

The quasi-state of emergency has been applied to a further 13 prefectures including Tokyo from January 21st. As you are all aware, there are important events such as regular examinations, degree examinations, and entrance examinations scheduled in January and February, so more stringent infection control measures need to be put into place in order to carry out these events safely.

Considering these situations comprehensively, a decision was made to raise the restriction level to Level B, as specified in "The 2021 University of Tokyo Activity Restrictions Index for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)", from January 24th.
Concerning access to the campus, we will continue to keep each gate open as a temporary special measure. However, please refer to the “Notification regarding the relaxation of entrance restrictions on Hongo Campus” regarding entry to and use of each building and facility.

As the infection continues to spread rapidly and infections are seen in those who have been vaccinated twice, it is necessary for all members to implement thorough infection control measures. Please try to maintain both infection control and continuation of university activities, by wearing masks, washing hands, disinfecting hands, avoiding the three Cs, and maintaining temporal or spatial zoning. Additionally, in the recent reports for the causes of on-campus infection, there are many cases of infection being caused by parties involving eating and drinking, and cases where the infection has spread from asymptomatic persons have also been reported. Therefore, please refrain from talking while you have your mask off as well as eating out in a large group of people.

The omicron strain has characteristics that are difficult to distinguish from symptoms for normal colds. If you feel unwell, such as feeling tired, feverish, or feel some discomfort in your throat, please refrain from going to work or school. Although it is not currently required for entry to campus, it is strongly recommended that you complete the health management report form for your health management.

The University of Tokyo Health Service Centers at Hongo, Komaba, and Kashiwa Campuses continue to provide medical care and are also actively accepting telephone consultations, so if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact them.

January 24, 2022

OKUBO Tatsuya
Executive Vice President
Head, UTokyo Coronavirus Task Force

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