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December 25, 2023

Green Transformation (GX) at the University of Tokyo

We define green transformation (GX) as to transform, while ensuring a just transition, socio-economic systems into regenerative ones within the boundaries of natural systems as a means to realize a sustainable and inclusive society in which everyone can live happily and with dignity. Among other things, we consider "Carbon Neutral", "Nature Positive*", and "Circular Economy" to be the most important pillars of our actions.

The University of Tokyo, as one of the world's best educational and research centers, will contribute to the promotion of GX by creating fundamental academic knowledge and leading international GX, presenting a model for future society through the realization of a carbon neutral campus, collaborating with partners such as enterprises, local governments, other universities and civil society, and developing global leaders.

(* Note) To stop and reverse the loss of biodiversity and put it on a recovery track.

UTokyo Green Transformation Logo

The UTokyo GX (Green Transformation) logo depicts blue and yellow ginkgo leaves, the symbol of UTokyo, rotating and merging to create a green color to visually render the green transformation. The transformation of the ginkgo leaves’ shapes and color while retaining their original form also represents the university’s proactive approach toward GX.

GX Promotion Organizational Structure

FSI GX Promotion Subcommittee

In April 2022, the GX Promotion Subcommittee was established under the Future Society Initiative (FSI), which is responsible for the coordination of GX-related activities. In addition, task forces and initiatives established under the subcommittees divide the work of the subcommittees and contribute to their smooth execution.

FSI GX Promotion Subcommittee FSI GX Promotion Subcommittee

GX and UTokyo

This series looks into green transformation (GX)-related initiatives at UTokyo, through interviews with key faculty members. The university is taking actions to realize a sustainable society within the Earth’s capacity.

Policy, Planning and Reporting

UTokyo Climate Action

In October 2022, the University of Tokyo published the UTokyo Climate Action (CA), an action plan to achieve virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The plan calculates greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 1, 2, and 3, and sets reduction targets for each Scope by 2030, 2040 and 2050. The development of this plan is a necessary process for a participant "Race to Zero" campaign to fulfill its responsibilities. Additionally, the plan provides baseline information for students, faculty, and staff to work together to strengthen the University of Tokyo's sustainability activities. The progress of the plan will be regularly reviewed and revised as necessary.

UTokyo Climate Action 2023

UTokyo Climate Action (2022 Edition)

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