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Homecoming Day

Homecoming Day is a university-wide event for all alumni to get together again on the Hongo and Komaba Campuses. Since its launch in 2002, it has offered opportunites for alumni to reconfirm their ties with fellow alumni and also with the University. Main programs include the Special Forum held under a specific theme, and anniversary gatherings, namely for the anniversary-year reunions. Associations including overseas alumni associations also participate, presenting a variety of events.

The 19th Homecoming Day

The 19th Homecoming Day was held Online for the First Time on Saturday, October 17, 2020

We are pleased to let you know that the 19th Homecoming Day was held on Saturday, October 17th, 2020.
Under the continuing effects of COVID-19, the event was held online for the first time in order to prevent the 3 Cs, namely, Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with many people nearby and Close-contact settings.

Of the more than fifty online programs, some were livestreamed, while prerecorded video streaming is available through October 25. Programs included special talks and lectures, musical performances and entertainment and various other workshops provided by faculty members, alumni associations and student clubs.

A Special Forum entitled “New-style Coronavirus and human beings: How to deal with the unexpected” was livestreamed from the Yasuda Auditorium in Japanese. Lecturers include Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Institute of Medical Science, Professor Tomoji Onozuka, Graduate School of Economics and Professor Yuji Genda, Institute of Social Science, all of the University of Tokyo.
About 330 viewers visited the event when it was livestreamed while more than 1200 viewers watched the recorded video on demand.

Also, a documentary film by Dr. Dipesh Kharel, a visual anthropologist, entitled "Playing with Nan" was made public with both English and Japanese subtitles, while a piano performance by Mr. Hayato Sumino, a musician, was available as well. Both of these individuals are awardees of the University of Tokyo President’s Awards to Distinguished Students*, respectively in AY2017 and in AY2019.

*Starting from AY2012, the screening process for the President’s Awards has been conducted annually for both academic and non-academic areas. (Japanese language only)

Thank you to all the viewers who visited Online Homecoming Day 2020.

The 20th Homecoming Day is scheduled for October 16, 2021.

Past Homecoming Days

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