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Working Towards a Global Base for Collaborative Knowledge Creation

the New Members of the University of Tokyo’s Executive Administration

With Makoto Gonokami's inauguration as the new president of the University of Tokyo, the University's executive administration also underwent major changes. Here, we will introduce the members of the University's freshly-reorganized executive administration, including the seven executive vice presidents who are in charge of the various areas of University administration. In short interviews and original compositions, these seven individuals reveal their resolutions for what they intend to achieve in their new positions, as well as what they researched or otherwise did before they were appointed.

As the UTokyo ship sets out on its voyage with Captain Gonokami and his crew of executives at the helm, what sort of route will it take? Hints to its route may lie in these executives' backgrounds.
  • Executive Vice President
    Hiroyuki Yamato
    Areas managed: finances, general affairs, external relations

  • Executive Vice President
    Kazuo Hotate
    Areas managed: research, University-corporate relations, assets and facilities

  • Executive Vice President
    Yojiro Ishii
    Areas managed: education, evaluations

  • Executive Vice President
    Ken Furuya
    Areas managed: international affairs, hospitals

Makoto Gonokami
Term: April 1st, 2015 - March 31st, 2020
  • Executive Vice President
    Tomokazu Haebara
    Areas managed: student support, entrance examinations, environmental safety

  • Executive Vice President
    Masaki Sakaida
    Areas managed: compliance and research ethics, auditing, operational planning

  • Executive Vice President
    Hayashi Towatari
    Areas managed: office administration, legal matters, personnel, public relations

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