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Tansei 16: Inside Cover and Credits

Tansei 16: Bringing “excitation” to the University of Tokyo

Welcome to the 16th issue of the English edition of Tansei. In April 2015, Professor Makoto Gonokami became the 30th president of the University of Tokyo. President Gonokami, a researcher in the field of optical physics, has already begun shining his bright light both inside the University and beyond. In this issue, we present a profile of President Gonokami through a dialogue between the new president and Global Environment Facility CEO Naoko Ishii and an article about his research from UTokyo Research. We also introduce the seven new executive vice presidents through short interviews and contributed compositions that focus mainly on their research. In this issue's edition of the "Campus Walk" series, we visit the Yayoi Campus, where we will see the Statue of Professor Ueno and Hachiko, which was placed on the Campus on the 80th anniversary of the passing of the loyal dog Hachiko whose companion was Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo Imperial University's (currently the University of Tokyo) Faculty of Agriculture. In relation to this theme, the front cover of Tansei features the Yayoi Auditorium Annex casting its silhouette against the backdrop of a copse of trees—a scene that one would never imagine can be found in the heart of Tokyo.

Shinji Suzuki
University of Tokyo Public Relations Office

The cover of this edition of Tansei features the night view of Yayoi Auditorium Annex in the Yayoi Section of the Hongo Campus. At night, the silhouette of the Statue of Hachiko that stands next to the Annex is reflected on the wooden building, which is evocative of a church nestled deep in a forest. This scene calls to mind the figure of the newly-elected President Gonokami, who has analyzed physical phenomena through research on light. Or perhaps that association is unique to the University's administration staff?

About Tansei

Tansei is the magazine of the University of Tokyo. The school color of the University of Tokyo is light blue (tansei in Japanese). It was first used in a rowing regatta between the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University in 1920. The choice of light blue or dark blue was decided by drawing lots. Kyoto drew dark blue and Tokyo light blue, and these have been the two universities' respective colors ever since.


Print Edition

Produced by the University of Tokyo Public Relations Office
Executive Vice President: Hayashi Towatari
Director: Shinji Suzuki (Director of the Public Relations Office & Professor, School of Engineering)
Vice Director: Kaori Hayashi (Deputy Director of the Public Relations Office & Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies)
Takashi Furumura (Professor, Earthquake Research Institute)
Jiro Takai (Public Relations Group)
Mami Yagihashi (Public Relations Group)


Art Direction: Mitsunobu Hosoyamada (Hosoyamada Design Office)
Design: Christian Cesar Gusukuma (Hosoyamada Design Office)
Photos: Junichi Kaizuka
Printing: Tosho Printing Co., Ltd.
Date of Publication: September 9, 2015

Web Edition

Produced by the University of Tokyo Public Relations Office
Editing and Translation: Raita Taguchi, Whitney Matthews
Design and Production: Nami Kikuchi


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Public Relations Division
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Tokyo 113-8654
TEL +81-(0)3-3811-3393
FAX +81-(0)3-3816-3913

This English-language edition of Tansei is available online only and does not feature all of the articles included in the Japanese edition.
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