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Viewed through the Global Activities of Alumni: The World and UTokyo

UTokyo is one with the World, and the World is with UTokyo.

The number of Japanese students studying abroad, and
The number of international students and teachers in Japan...
Analyzing such figures alone does not reveal the degree to which Japanese universities are connected to the rest of the world.
Based on this recognition, in our special feature for this issue, we take a look at the ties our university has forged with the wider world by focusing on the activities of some of its alumni.
Alumni who went overseas to chase their dreams,
Alumni who devote themselves to promoting global order as representatives of Japan,
Alumni who have found their calling through work connecting Japan and the international community,
Alumni who share the values they discovered in Japan with the rest of the world.
Today, the winds of tansei light blue (our school color) are blowing across the globe.

The University of Tokyo’s Overseas Bases

The light blue (tansei) dots in the figure to the right roughly indicate the locations of the University’s 41 overseas bases (as of May 2016), which are in India, South Korea, Thailand (three bases), China (eight), Bangladesh, Vietnam (two), Mongolia, Laos, Australia, Afghanistan, Chile, Bolivia, the United States (eight), Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland (three), Spain, and France (four). And as for the places overseas where our alumni are exercising their talents... those are innumerable.

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