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Tansei 20: Inside Cover and Credits

Tansei 20: Regions and UTokyo

The theme of this issue is “Regions and UTokyo.” The University of Tokyo has research facilities in 20 prefectures and is running a range of regional cooperation projects. We will introduce some of them to show how the University is promoting diverse research and education activities across Japan while building interactive and cooperative relationships with different regions. Another highlight of this issue is the discussion between Professor Akito Arima, the 24th president of the University, and Professor Makoto Gonokami, the current president. President Gonokami’s book, Henkaku wo Kudosuru Daigaku (Driving Innovation in Society: The University of Tokyo’s Vision 2020), was published by University of Tokyo Press in April 2017. The two presidents, former and current, who actually have much in common, had a lively conversation spanning across a quarter of a century, which I am pleased to be able to sharet with readers. In 2017, the University of Tokyo celebrated its 140th anniversary. I truly hope that this issue will give you a feel of the University paving the way for the 70 years to come (“UTokyo 3.0”).

Sawako Shirahase
The University of Tokyo Public Relations Office


The cover of this edition of Tansei was taken at the Farm Museum, which is located in Tanashi, Nishitokyo City, and is affiliated with the Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. It features the CT101G model Cherry Tractor, which looks like it came straight out of a Hayao Miyazaki anime feature film. Said to be the model that Victor Auto based in Kawasaki City began manufacturing in 1955, it is a full-fledged four-wheel riding tractor equipped with a rotary tiller.

About Tansei

Tansei is the magazine of the University of Tokyo. The school color of the University of Tokyo is light blue (tansei in Japanese). It was first used in a rowing regatta between the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University in 1920. The choice of light blue or dark blue was decided by drawing lots. Kyoto drew dark blue and Tokyo light blue, and these have been the two universities' respective colors ever since.


Print Edition

Produced by the University of Tokyo Public Relations Office
Director: Sawako Shirahase (Director of the Public Relations Office & Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology)

Public Relations Magazine Committee

Masataka Kinoshita (Professor, Earthquake Research Institute)
Ralph Willox (Professor, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences)
Tatsuo Kamogawa (Professor, Historiographical Institute)
Jiro Takai, Eriko Hamada (Public Relations Group)
Noriko Nakamaru (Alumni Affairs Group)
Kazuhiro Mori, Kumiko Kajino (Alumni Office)


Art Direction: Mitsunobu Hosoyamada (Hosoyamada Design Office)
Design: Christian Cesar Gusukuma (Hosoyamada Design Office)
Photos: Junichi Kaizuka (pp. 1, 3-7, 32)
Printing: Tosho Printing Co., Ltd.
Date of Publication: September 8, 2017

Web Edition

Produced by the University of Tokyo Public Relations Office
Editing and Translation: Whitney Matthews, Emi Aramaki
Design and Production: Nami Kikuchi


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This English-language edition of Tansei is available online only and does not feature all of the articles included in the Japanese edition.

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