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Why International Students Chose UTokyo

Bio-logging: Revealing the Hidden Lives of Wild Animals with Physics

Contributing to Keeping Order and Fostering Development in International Aviation

Acting as a Connector between Japan and the Rest of the World to Create a Society Accepting of Differences

From Ordinary Company Employee to the Top Leader of an International Organization of Insurance Supervisors

Economist Crosses the Sea to Experience Game Theory Central

Special Discussion: the World and the University

Large Globe Housed at Intermediatheque

The Legendary Giants of Letters, Law and Economics

Tansei 18: Inside Cover and Credits

The Humanities of UTokyo, and UTokyo of the Humanities: an Autumn Humanities “Festival” at UTokyo

The Influencers and the Influenced

An Invitation to Tojisha-Kenkyu

Lifting the “Veil” of the Unknown

Chasing Many Hares

The “Social Science of Manufacturing Sites (Genba)” and the Manufacturing Management Research Center

Returning to Society the Fruits of Our Historical Research

Peeking into the UTokyo Humanities Archives:
A Delightful Menagerie of Materials, Part 2

Peeking into the UTokyo Humanities Archives:
A Delightful Menagerie of Materials, Part 1

Modern English Studies

History of the University of Tokyo 1684-2014

Behind the Revisions of the Unequal Treaties during the Meiji Period

Uniting the Humanities in Pursuit of Knowledge

Considering the Significance of President Obama’s Orizuru (Paper Cranes)

Coming Face-to-face with the Terribly Forgetful Creatures Known as Human Beings

French Literature, an Exceptional Educator on the Concepts of Love

The Expansive Range of Humanities Subjects at UTokyo, Visualized

Special Discussion: a Scientific Perspective of the Humanities; a Humanistic Perspective of the Sciences

Tansei 17: Inside Cover and Credits

Takaaki Kajita's Nobel Prize: an "Oscillating" Testament to Creative Collaboration

What is the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (ICRR)?